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Agency work 

Class Time

Saturdays 3-5pm 

Children age 5-16yrs

We offer students age 5yrs plus a fun educational all round experience, which includes fun activities to increase childrens confidence and stage techniques. 


Our objective is to improve the students, diction, creative movemnt, mime, inprovisation, script reading, perfomance and audition techniques.

Every year we have a Pantomine, all the students take part and have lines in our very own production at a local theatres.

Beatuty and the Beast (An Enchanted Tale) 2019

our own rendition and orginal script written by the teachers and students of the Film and West End show.

Aladdin ( The Magic of the Lamp) 2021

our own rendition of the Film and West End show.

Enchanted tale  2018

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